Who are we? We are those who benefited from those festivals from the past. We learned thanks to people like Ruth. Learned the importance of sharing knowledge and community. Thus as our motto says, "Continuing the Music" we give back ... pay forward.


Who are we? Dennis and Ellen Waldrop are well known and active in the dulcimer community. They have been involved in multiple Music events. We are lucky to have these two spearheading our festival as Festival Directors.

If one has questions regarding this festival you may visit the Facebook page or click on the link to email.


What should you bring?

Well obviously, one should bring your instrument, however here are a few suggestions:

  • Music stand

  • Picks, Bows or Hammers

  • Tuner

  • Pens or Pencils

In addition, instructors and venders will offer a plethora of items, such as song books, CDs, DVDs and even instruments that may catch the eye. There are raffles and water and drinks that you may wish to purchase. You might want to have some cash as well as credit cards

What is there to do?

Besides the festival and the nearby world famous attractions, Mount Dora has a lot of charm and places of interest to visit , shop and dine. Check out the document below.

What to do around Mt. Dora


First Baptist Church Mount Dora, 1000 E 1st Ave, Mt Dora, FL 32757


Why come?

This festival offers instruction from some of the most talented Musicians in their field. You can network and realize that you are not alone. There are others of kindred spirit. Friendships can be made and renewed. Inspiration, that if let in, can lift the soul. But most of all ... together we are ... CONTINUING THE MUSIC!