The EndlessDulcimer 2022ClassTitle and Description



HD Understanding, andDevelopingTiming, Rhythm, andPulse

The Hammered Dulcimer isapercussion instrument, developinga stringsenseoftiming and rhythm, andunderstandingwhere,and how toapply emphasisisimportant.Thisis very, very, importantifyoueverwant toplay with others. Poorrhythmichabitsare oftenestablished by newplayersandcanbe very hard tobreak.

 HD UnderstandingCeltic Rhythms

 Celtic Rhythms areasheard and felt, ratherthan aswritten on a pieceofsheetmusic. ReelsandHornpipesmay both be4/4but they havea differentfeel orlilt.The jigs, slides and slip jigs,need tobe played with a distinctivetype ofpulse.Airsarequite varied inboth timingandpulse. Inthisclasswe willcovertechniquestodevelop anear and feel forthe differentforms.

 MD Learn toPlay WithoutTab

Yes you can, really, and it’snotreally thathardonceyoustartlisteninginstead of reading. Wewill beusingsimplecommon melodies.Wewillcoverhowtofigure out wherea tunestarts, what themeterisandwhereit willend.Learn touse ‘wrong’ notes asa guide tofinding the rightone.




Carol Crocker

Easy Spiritual ArrangementsforMountain Dulcimer

 The history ofspiritualsisthe resultofa deep expressionofemotionsamongenslaved African-Americans.Many ofthesesongscanbe very rhythmicand syncopated. This workshop will include easy arrangementsofa fewfor beginningplayersinD-A-d.

 FlyingFingerswith Finesseand FiddleTunes MD

 FiddleTunes arefun toplay, butsometimes yourfingersand strummingmightsounda bit“clunky” when tryingtopay faster. Inthisworkshopwewill belearning touse hammer-onsandpull-offstoplayfasterandcleaner. Wewill beusinga capoforone of ourtunes somake sureyoubringit.


 Forgotyourcapoforthe jam, oryoujustwant tolearn somethingdifferent?In this workshop wewillfocus on playinga fewtraditionalfolk tunes in the keys ofD, G, andA withoutusinga capo.Wewill bedoingsomeretuning tochangekeysand look athow thatworks.



ASimpleWay ToPlay D, Gand A:Mountain DulcimerMagic

 Bringyourcapoand learn asweet trick thatwill getyouplayinghundredsoftunes easily inthreedifferentkeys!Then, oncewepracticea bitusing“Hangman’sReel” asan exercise,wediscover the sourceofthe magicusingscales tofigureoutoptionsfor melody and harmony.

 CreateArrangements UsingOnly AMelodyMD

 Whetheryou’re writinga songorcreatingan arrangementofa tune, everythingyou need toknowis right thereinthe melody itself.Thisworkshop demonstrates howto take amelody and figureout essential infolike key signatures, timesignature, backing chords, and overallrhythmicfeel.Learn howtoread andcreatelead sheets,discover visual patternstohelpguidethe tuneand add a little extra spice topullitall, together.

 Mountain Dulcimer–CrookedFiddleTunes:Crookednado!

 Andifyougetthatreference, then you’re probably twistedenough toenjoy this workshop featuringawhole bunchofcrooked fiddle tunes. Atune is “crooked” ifithas uneven beatsand/ormeasures, soit’snot“squared”. Crooked tunes haveanappealing jankysound and havebeen described, as “instinctively right, not technically right”, so comejoinusfora bunch of fun, addictive,off-kilterjams!




Guy George

HD Easy CelticWaltzes

 Make Beautiful musicon yourhammered dulcimerplayingCelticwaltzes.Eachtunewill include melody aswell asHD arrangement, with tips onCelticembellishments andhow toaddthem.

 HD GospelTunes andback-upforhammered dulcimer

 Add some great Gospeltunes toyourrepertoireand then learn someeasy gospelback uptechniques toplay behind singers.Thisback uptechniquecanbe used formany differentstylesofplaying.

 PennyWhistle fromthe Beginning

 Take itfromthe“groundup”andhave funlearning toplay thisgreatinstrument! Allyou needisa ‘D’ Pennywhistle’ and we’llgetyou started withall the basics. You’ll even learn a feweasy tunes, in2keys!

PennyWhistle Easy CelticWaltzes

 We’lllearn some ofourfavoriteCelticwaltzes with melody and harmony partsforeach tune.We’lllearn some Irish embellishmentstoadd, aswell astipsforpracticing, breath control, andmore!(Pennywhistle tablaturefornewerplayers)



Sharrie George


 Havefun strummingand workingon accents, newstrums, while learninghowtoadd style toyourstrumming!We’lllearn some great tunes touse forournewstrum technique, aswell aspractice tips, chord help,and ‘in person’ fun! Thisworkshop isfor soprano, concert, andtenorukuleleswith G-C-E-Atuning. Baritoneswelcomeifyou knowbasicchords.

 PickingOnAUke “Basics”

 Learn finger-pickingpatternson yourukulele toplayoverchordsina tune. Finger- pickingbasics, howtoread tablature,andsomepatternswill be taughtusingsomeeasy tunesand chord progressions.You mustknowandbe able tochangebasicchordseasily forthisworkshop.Workshop isforsoprano, concert, andtenorukuleleswith (high or lowG)G-C-E-Atuning.



Ruth Harnden

 Chord LanguageMD

 Learn to speak chords.Anewapproach tofinding the chordson a dulcimerand the right chordforthe measureyouareworkingon.Pleasecometoclassknowing the Nameof the noteson the 1ststring–(D scaleMelody string)and2ndstring–(AscaleMiddle string).

Mandy Tyner

 Merrie Melodies!MD

 Learn a fun song.Wewill work through the basicmelody, add strummingandalternate methods, then at the end ofthe classwewill discuss simpleways, toembellishourbasic melody. Tablatureincluded.


 Learn the 3 mostcommon chordsyouwilleveruse!Wewill explorewaystoplay the chords, learn to strumthem,and learn howtofind theminalternateplaceson your fretboard.Tablatureincluded.Hangon forthe fun!

 THUMB-tastic! ClawhammerBanjo

 Thisclassisallaboutyourthumb.Youwilllearn toadddouble and drop thumbing to yoursongs. Wewill alsoplay1song thatisperfectfordrop thumbingpractice. Tabis included.Bringa pen and paper.

 Double Deeelight! ClawhammerBanjo

 Inthisclasswewillbe playinginD!You will need a capoand the Desire tolearna fun songina newtuning. Tabsincluded



Linda WeberCollins

 Tunes ToPlayWithAFriendMD

 IntroducingnewduetsfromAmericanand CelticTraditions. The partsareequally interestingandata similar skilllevel.Adopt these tunes foryourrenewed musical friendships!

 CelticTunes For The Advanced PlayerMD

 Featuringseveraltunes thatinvolvemovingparts,flatpicking, hammer-onsand pull- offs.Stretch yourskills on thesecrowd-pleasers.