Ruth Smith

Friday 8:45-10:00 Session 1G Hammered Dulcimer Intermediate

              From Heart to Hands- “Farewell to Whiskey” Learn to play with greater expressiveness as you learn this beautiful Celtic melody, and develop your arranging toolbox to include more dynamics and tempo alterations.


Friday 10:15-11:30 Session 2G Hammered Dulcimer Intermediate

              Filling Spaces in Melodies- “Lamb of God” What to do with all those gaps in melodies?! Based on the traditional melody of Barbry Allen, this lush arrangement of a very simple melody will help you learn elegant techniques to fill those empty spaces in this and other tunes.


Friday 2:30-3:45 Session 4G Hammered Dulcimer Intermediate

              Beautiful Music- “Mrs. Jamieson’s Favourite”  Sure to become one of your favorites too, this beautiful Celtic tune will be a fresh addition to your growing repertoire.


Friday 4:15-5:30 Session 5H Hammered Dulcimer Advanced

              Heartfelt Celtic Tune- “Farewell to Peter” Let’s learn this lovely tune written to honor newscaster Peter Jennings. This simple melody is dressed up with arpeggiated fills and the Scottish Snap technique that you can transfer to other music.


Saturday 8:45-10:00  Session 6H Hammered Dulcimer Advanced

              A Fun Celtic Melody! Sometimes Celtic tunes are quite short and putting them in a medley is a great way to make a nice set of tunes. You’ll learn the tunes “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” and “The Flowers of Edinburgh” which make a really fun-to-play medley.


Saturday 1:00-2:15  Session 8F Hammered Dulcimer Beginner

              Celtic Music for Fun! Everyone need a little Celtic music in their repertoire, so let’s learn two of the universal favorites that are often played in jam sessions so you can jump right in and have fun!


Saturday 4:15-5:30 Session 10F Hammered Dulcimer Beginner


It’s All About Those Shapes!- “The Glasgow Reel” Here’s a great way to end your weekend! While learning this really fun-to-play Celtic tune, you’ll better understand and appreciate the brilliant layout of the hammered dulcimer and how it practically teaches you how to play it!