Steve Smith

Saturday 8:45-10:00  Session 6M Songwriting

Turn Your Ideas Into Great Lyrics and Melodies.Learn how to create a well-crafted song, both lyrics and music. See how to build your writing from idea to a well structured song. Also learn to rewrite until it is all it can and should be. Hone your skills with examples, tips, and exercises.


Saturday 2:30-3:45 Session 9M Beginner Guitar

              Guitar From Scratch. Learn the basics of proper left and right hand placement, begin forming chords, coordination, muscle memory, hand strength, strumming patterns, chords, and chord progression.


Saturday 4:15-5:30 Session 10M Intermediate Guitar

Enrich Your Guitar Playing With Leading Runs & Arpeggiated Chording.  Sweeten your guitar chord progressions by using arpeggios & leading runs, creating smooth, flowing chord progressions to use in runs & solos to create a fuller moving sound rather than just strumming.