Jeff Furman

Thursday 2-9-2023

Class #1F 1:00 – 2:15 MD Advance

Playing Beyond the Notes

This workshop will explore a variety of concepts and techniques for expressing yourself through your playing. Music is so much more than notes! We will focus on ideas and techniques to help you play what you feel, and apply these ideas to a variety of music. PLEASE BRING A CAPO!

Class #2B 2:30 – 3:45 MD Novice

Improving Your Left Hand Skills

If you want to improve the sound and fluidity of your playing, this course is for you.! We wil focus on techniques and exercises for your left hand including: getting good sound, improving your fingering, hammer-one’s and pull-off’s, slides, and more! Even if you know some of these techniques, this workshop will help improve and master them. And we’ll apply these ideas and techniques to some music.

Friday 2-10-2023

Class #4D 10:30 – 11:45 MD Intermediate

Adding Notes And Variation To Your Music

If you want to add some personal expression to the tunes you play and/or if you want to play a tune differently each time through, this workshop is for you! We will explore how to add notes, rhythm changes, and other variations to any type of music you play. And we will apply these techniques to an Irish tune, a Renaissance tune, a waltz, and an old-time tune! PLEAE BRING A CAPO!

Class #5D 1:00 – 2:15 MD Intermediate

Playing Beyond D!

This class will present a number of tunes that are not in the key of D! Hopefully, this will inspire you to expand your repertoire to include many types and styles of music that are typically played in keys other than D. This will be appreciated if you happen to play music with instruments other than mountain dulcimers! Come with me as we explore the voice of the dulcimer in keys other than D and learn to play some great tunes! PLEASE BRING A CAPO!

Class #7F 4:00 – 5:15 MD Advance


Playing music with others should go beyond just two or more people playing the same tune at the same time! How can you make it better? This workshop will explore concepts and techniques used to enhance the music when playing with others. In particular, we will emphasize creating harmony and focus on listening while you play! PLEASE BRING A CAPO!

Saturday 2-11-2023

Class #11F 2:30 – 3:45 MD Advance

The Beauty And Power Of Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster remains one oof the most beloved and prolific American songwriters. This workshop will explore some wonderful compositions not commonly heard or played, but no less beautiful and enchanting. You will learn some more of Foster’s timeless melodies, enchanting lyrics, and rhythmic variations. PLEASE BRING A CAPO!

Class #12F 4:00 – 5:15 MD Advance

Old-Time Tunes Not Traditionally Played in D!

Many of the traditional old-time tunes were played on instruments other than the mountain dulcimer! Most commonly they were played on fiddles and banjos… and they were not played in D! Sadly, many dulcimer tab writers just converted these tunes to D to make them more accessible to dulcimer players. Well. I think the dulcimer is very capable of playing these great tunes in their traditional keys! This workshop will review some principles and techniques and present some great old-time tunes that are in keys other than D! PLEASE BRING A CAPO!