Mary Lynn Michal

Friday 8:45-10:00 Session 1G Hammered Dulcimer Intermediate

              Learn A Gorgeous Celtic Waltz. You will be amazed how lovely a simple melody can be when played with expression and dynamics. We will discuss how understanding chord movement makes it so much easier to remember the tune and be able to make a basic arrangement of your own.

Friday 10:15-11:30 Session 2G Hammered Dulcimer Intermediate

Beautiful Hymn-"Before the Throne of God Above". Students often ask for simple arrangements of hymns to play in church and/or nursing homes. This beautiful hymn is a favorite of many and is very accessible to learn.  

Friday 2:30-3:45 Session 4G Hammered Dulcimer Intermediate

            How Shapes Make Things Easier "Tam Lin". "Tam Lin" (sometimes referred to as "The Glasgow Reel") is a favorite Celtic jam tune. Seeing groups of notes in shapes and patterns, as opposed to learning individual notes, makes learning tunes so much easier. "Tam Lin" is very fun to play!

Friday 4:15-5:30 Session 5H Hammered Dulcimer Advanced

              Let's Learn a Beautiful Celtic Tune: "Maguire and Paterson". In addition to learning the melody, we will examine more advanced topics of arranging such as the power of bassline and special chords which adds interest to your arrangements.

Saturday 8:45-10:00 Session 6H Hammered Dulcimer Advanced

              Ideas to Embellish a Tune on the Fly: "Are You Sleeping, Maggie". As an advanced player, learning to embellish a tune instead of simply playing someone else's arrangements is not as hard as you might think. I have chosen this Irish tune, which only has two chords, to make it easier to mix and match. 

Saturday 1:00-2:15 Session 8F Hammered Dulcimer Beginner

              Learn a Lovely Minor Irish Song: "Are You Sleeping, Maggie". This class is a great opportunity to learn how thinking about chords (relax, there are only two of them) makes it easier to remember the tune. It is also a great opportunity to learn how to focus on your markers when you go across the bridge or the valley. 

Saturday 4:15-5:30 Session 10F Hammered Dulcimer Beginner

              Tips to Make Everything You Play Sound Better. Do you want to take your musical skills to the next level? Mary Lynn will share her list of things she wished she had focused on as a new player. These fundamentals are important for improving the sound of everything we play. You will leave this workshop sounding better or Mark Alan Wade will give you your money back. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your musical abilities and have fun at the same time.